Our Staff

Charles 'Chuck' Lenahan, MA, LPC, LCPC, NCC, CSOTS - Owner and Clinical Therapist

Chuck Lenahan has been a board certified, licensed therapist since 2013. Prior to being a therapist, he spent 11 years with the Department of Family and Children Services in various roles. 

His specialties include working with teenagers and the myriad issues that they present with; working to assist sex offenders with rehabilitation in the community so that they may be better able to live an appropriate and relapse-free life; working with special needs clients and their families (including those on the autism spectrum; those with Fragile X Syndrome; Non-Verbal children; ODD; RAD; and Foster/Adoptive/Foster to Adopt children and families). His passion and service extends to members of the LGBT community and their allies as well.

Chuck believes that great psychotherapy happens when all stakeholders can come together for the betterment of the client. To that end, he will work tirelessly to assist clients and their families in reaching the potential that is positive and stable mental health. He believes in what amounts to "round the clock care," which translates into late night appointments, weekend appointments, and crisis care 24/7. 


Scarlett Holt - Office Manager


Scarlett has been our office manager since 2018, and has over four years of experience working in the mental health field, serving clients and their families. Scarlett helps create a friendly, welcoming environment for clients whether they are coming into the office for an appointment or calling to schedule one.

In her free time, Scarlett enjoys drawing, spending time at home with her dog Koba, and is a fan of all things science fiction and fantasy.

Grant Sparks - Clinical Therapist


Grant is a Master's level clinical intern here at Insight Out. He has spent the better part of the last decade studying psychology and human services, with a focus on Geek Culture and Addiction treatment. But that doesn't mean he can't help you! Grant uses an integrative counseling approach, blending Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and an interpersonal approach, adapting to the needs of anyone who walks through his door.

When he's not in the office, Grant spends his time researching Applied Roleplaying Therapy, which blends his passion for therapy with his love of Dungeons and Dragons.

Photograph of Grant Sparks, Clinical Therapist

Photograph of Grant Sparks, Clinical Therapist

Photograph of John Adams, Public Relations Manager

John Adams - Public Relations Manager

John is our Public Relations Manager; he's the brains behind Insight Out's social media, web development, SEO, and our logo. During his academic career, John excelled in English, art, and writing, and later taught himself how to use HTML, CSS, graphic design, and a handful of other fun digital skills. Now he uses his nerdly knowledge to promote Chuck's message across social media, providing articles on a variety of topics, writing some of them, and creating graphics that not only entertain but inform our followers.

When John's not hard at work promoting Chuck and Insight Out Therapeutics, he enjoys spending time with his friends and neighbors, playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading, writing, and working on his webcomic.

Liam McLaughlin

Liam is a student and athlete at Mcintosh High-school who runs track and cross country. In his free time he enjoys writing songs and listening to music as well as long-boarding, reading, and being outside. Anyone who knows of Mahaffey orthodontics has probably seen his picture in the advertisements for braces. (He might be a tad immodest, but we overlook it.) 

Liam McLaughlin poses with his acoustic guitar

Liam McLaughlin poses with his acoustic guitar